Schona Mihalys is a real professional, she has graduated a classical 

education in singing, dancing and playing in Paris, New York and 

Berlin. Born in Switzerland, Schona lives in Germany since 1986. 

She has played in several theatres as Anita (West Side Story), Eva 

Peron (Evita), Sally Bowels (Cabaret), Maria Magdalena (Jesus 

Christ Superstar), Titania (Sommernachtstraum) and diverse roles 

in cinema films (“Linie 1”).

The Celtic harp has always been a child´s dream for Schona and 

today she has fulfilled this dream.


“When I was 7 years old I wanted to play the harp. Unfortunately at that time my parents couldn’t imagine how a little seven-year-old girl would get along with a huge concert harp. The small Celtic harps were apparently unknown and therefore I got a cheap piano instead. Oh dear, what should I do with 

a piano? Well I disassembled it and to my great pleasure I found a 

type of harp in the inside of the piano. I spent the first few months 

below the piano, directly beside the chords where it rather appealed 

to me. With time I matured and finally learned to play the piano 

properly. Many years later I finally came across the Celtic harp - it 

was love at first sight and it has stayed until today.”


From October 2000 until December 2001 Schona was the singer of 

the popular group “Wild Silk”.In March 2001 her Solo CD „On my Way“ 

(Celtic ballads/singing and harp) was published. 

Since the beginning of 2006 Schona & Band are associated with the 

writer and actor Walter Passian on tour with the program "Irish Words 

and Music". 

In summer 2007 their second record was published “May it be” 

(Celtic World Music), this time with seven band members. 

2007/2008 Schona & Band

2009 The new concert program “Schona, Voice & Harp” accompanied 

by Stefan Hamann on tour! 

Since 2010 “Schona, Voice & Harp”